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everyone is number one

India is competing with the rest of the world for the craze of being Number One. All the advertisers of print, TV, and radio stations are shouting out claiming their product as number one. Whether it is a dentist, cook, song producer, restaurant, bus service everybody wants to be number one.

As there is an outbreak of coronavirus similarly the virus of being Number One is also a trend.

To cut the story short everybody is Number one or at least aspire to be Number one and this is happening because of lack of scientific data and then all claims are unjustified in one way or the other. Where the scientific data isn’t available the next best thing is to present dodgy data, to award number one so you can claim to be number one.

In fact, the craze to be Number one has surpassed Muslim nations where man has multiple wives and all are claiming to be Number one wife.

Before I go on to tell you how to work out the True Number One in various professions. Let me tell you about my recent journey when I drove from Tamil Nadu to Kashmir. The journey was long, tiring and lonely but not as dangerous as my friends made out before I left Tamil Nadu.

To keep me company I had an FM radio in my little car as my journey started up north, I came across hundreds of radio stations in India.

The language and beat of the music varied but one thing was constant throughout the journey that all the radio stations claimed to be Number one. Being curious I decided to look up various radio station which I encountered during my journey.

I came across the number of articles with the help of google about the radio industry and I stumbled on the website which listed the listenership of radio stations across India.

The website offers Indian radio markets with true and accurate listening figures as per International standards. It acts as a medium to replace biased in-house surveys and provide true figures of the radio station without fear so station management can make decisions about programming and advertisers can make informed choices.

One can easily look up to the information such as gender, age, economic demographic for free but for the detailed information they are required to get the subscription. After gathering all the information, I decided to call up some of the radio stations to challenge them how are they all claim to be Number One when the true position in an independent survey is anything but Number One.

The bosses seemed defensive and some of them even confess that to make up their own dodgy figures by local accountancy firm and then blame the culture of India when people only want to do business with Number One.

A veteran of the very large advertising agency who buys ads on radio stations across India said: “it’s a nightmare scenario from a client perspective when all the radio stations in India claims to be on Number One without any independent figures for the industry.”

radio stations figures in india

From the last year 2019, there are independent figures available across the industry but unfortunately, some Radio stations in India present biased homemade data to fool their clients. There is a ray of hope from the future with IRAM.

The usage of the word number one in the above radio show depicts that this word has become a tag to attract a wide variety of audiences. People do believe that by using this particular word the product and company can be considered as reliable. So, with this mentality, every industry is running in the race of using Number one in every field to impress the masses.

Another serious ill effect of using Number one is that it feeds us with the wrong impression that everyone should be on top. Thus, being on Number one is fueling your desire to work like a slave, just so you can earn that tag on things that will ultimately leave you disappointed and dissatisfied. This is now becoming a disease that is spreading day by day because people are widely using this particular statement to prove themselves superior to others.

It is crystal clear that everyone cannot be Number 1, that is a fact of life. From the very beginning, this trend is started by the two wheels of a carriage that are mostly known as parents. They are huge culprits, forcing their kids to be No. 1, be the best at everything.

Never understood it, never bought into it. Sadly, many parents that try and force their children in this position, firstly, “burn their children out” at a young age and they suffer in the long run. The sad part is nobody can’t always be Number One, there will always be someone to take your place.

People are so crazy about tagging themselves as Number 1 that one radio station started a jingle which stated “Namaste, Aap sun rahe hai Big FM Jalandhar’s top hundred radio station” It highly proves that in the race of following the trend they forget to check all the statistical background of the data. Similarly, all the sales representatives are making a statement that they are number one and best from others. Said one of the officials.

no.1 radio stations in india

But to be on that position or to attain full knowledge about the specific age, gender, demographic, economic background about a particular radio channel. So, they need to take help from IRAM (Indian Radio Audience Measurement). It provides various Indian radio markets with true and accurate listening figures as per International standards. With IRAM you are no longer required to use number one in your platform because it works in wonder.

If you really want to be true number one then It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, if you’re not skilled at what you do, that entire strategy won’t take you very far. When you’re pretty confident about what you do and clear about where you’re going, the right strategy will make itself known. Hence, when your “why” is pretty strong, you’ll easily figure out “how.”

If you’re looking for how to be Number One, you’re going about it all wrong. You’re doing it for the wrong reasons. And you’ll continuously be left searching for the next patch of land to dig out the gold.

For you, it’s never actually been about the rewards. It’s only and always been about seeing how far you can go to achieve Number one. About achieving the impossible things in your life. About never stopping.

You should keep in mind that your work is a true reflection of you. If you’re not getting the true outcomes you’re looking for, stop looking for better strategies.

radio listenership figures in india

Instead, look inside.

Are you currently the person who would highly attract the level of success you seek? Your outer conditions are a reflection of your inner reality. If you want something different: then you should improve yourself. 80% of your energy should be highly devoted to rest and self-improvement. This is what fuels your work and makes it better than anyone else’s. Self-improvement is more than books and true rest is renewal.

To be on Number one you are required to put yourself into positions that generate immense pressure. The kind of pressure that will either make or break you. This is how you purge out your weakness and small-mindedness. It won’t be pretty. But it will change you. And eventually, you’ll rise up. New. Changed. Better.

It’s a fact that If you don’t know who you are, you’ll always try to be someone else. And thus, you’ll never achieve true Number One. Your work will always be a cheap imitation. It will lack the feeling that produced the work or the idea.

You are required to surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to show you your own side. You avoid people who suck-up and only tell you what they think you want to hear. Those aren’t friends. They have an agenda.

So, becoming Number one is about never being satisfied with what you’ve done. It’s about continually improving who you are. It’s knowing success will come because you know who you are and what you stand for.

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