How Radio Industry Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Evolving Day By Day
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Hey and welcome to the radio world, this write up will surely solve all your doubts related to the surviving structure of the radio industry.

Before commencing, I need to state that radio isn’t declining, yet rather developing. Besides, it is moving towards a positive pattern in light beside of the fact that digital is coming into the radio world as a strengthening, rather than a substitute income chance to conventional radio.

While such transitions can be overwhelming, they by and large opportunities for those that decide to grasp such changes. Right now, broadcasters have the chance to develop their audience through new channels and develop their income through such channels.

As compared to 5-10 years ago, according to Jasmine Enberg of eMarketer, at the quarter-way mark of the year 2019, “worldwide digital ad spending was expected to increase by 17.6% to $333.25 billion. This means that, for the very first time, digital will account for roughly half of the global ad market”.

This is where we can draw our first link to the future of broadcasting. Radio broadcaster build their websites, get into mobile apps to generate higher AQH numbers through these types of channels, and all the while, sell digital ads from their ad partners on all these channels to generate revenue aside from traditional revenue.

It’s crystal clear that the future of radio is not traditional or digital, it really is Tradigital; making proper use of both traditional and digital channels to influence each other with the end goal of driving traditional and digital revenue upwards. How else can stations expect to keep their audience tuned in when more and more are starting to access radio through their phones?

Joseph Palenchar further states that “people are listening more on cell phones, with 73 percent using a smartphone, up from the previous survey’s 66 percent”. This, coupled with the fact that age groups you would not expect to still be tuning into radio, still being active within radio, showcases that radio stations need to adapt to effective digital strategies to not only stay competitive and ruling but bring their operations to the next level. Radio Ink said, “91% of teens (12-17) and 94% of 18- 34-year-olds are still tuning in to radio monthly”.

Now what we have to look at, is what does all of this mean?

Indeed, this is the place I truly need to pause for a minute to inform that, I have formally acknowledged radio isn’t dead, however rather an incredible inverse, it is alive and well.

This is the reason: If you have listenership, you can adapt it. Through drawing in your crowd by means of advanced channels beside “simply their vehicle”, you can produce higher AQH numbers, which hence increment the estimation of your on-air spots just as online claimed and worked promotion stock.

This is all conceivable on the grounds that the above proof demonstrates that audience members are as yet tuning into radio and now, through different advanced channels. Advanced income is in this manner, ready for the taking for supporters. Moreover, simply recollect this is originating from a millennial himself.

So whenever you need to think radio is kicking the bucket, take a risk to investigate fresher advanced income openings, and recognize that radio isn’t declining, but instead evolving into a whole other world of possibilities.

It is widely known that the whole I&B Ministry is working day and night to enhance their listenership among masses. But still they live in dilemma related to how many people with specific age, gender, demographic, economic background and particular radio channel are listening to their radio.

So, to cater to their requirements IRAM (Indian Radio Audience Measurement) comes into action. It provides Indian Radio Industry with a unified radio audience measurement system. IRAM provide various Indian radio markets with true and accurate listening figures as per International standards.

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