Quarter-3 Radio Audience Measurement Survey in India
It shows Radio Audience Measurement Survey

When it comes to the audience measurement of radio stations in India, IRAM provides accurate information about radio listeners as per weekly reach, weekly hours, demographics, etc.

So, this was IRAM Quarter 3. The table below shows the top ten radio stations from July 1, 2019, to September 30, 2019, according to the weekly hours.

Top Radio Stations in India 2019

1. Radio Mirchi, Delhi 26.9 Million Hours
2. Red FM, Delhi 26.5 Million Hours
3. Big FM, Delhi 19.7 Million Hours
4. Red FM, Kolkata 17.3 Million Hours
5. Radio Mirchi, Kolkata 15 Million Hours
6.. Red FM, Mumbai 12.8 Million Hours
7. Radio Mirchi, Mumbai 12.8 Million Hours
8. Big FM, Mumbai 11.1 Million Hours
9. Radio City, Delhi 10.4 Million Hours
10. Big FM, Kolkata 9 Million Hours


To know about the standing of your radio station in the audience measurement survey, stay tuned to Quarterly Figures.

How do you know who is listening to your radio station?

The listenership figures provided by IRAM are purely based on telephone surveys in the coverage areas of each station. All the participants in the survey went through a set of questions asked by the qualified interviewers. Then by statistical analysis, our experts conclude the results of the survey and determine how many listeners are listening to each individual radio station.

Moreover, you can get detailed information about the Radio Audience Measurement Survey of listeners that falls under your radio station via our paid subscription. These services can be opted by filling in the details at Subscribe section on our website.


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