Why radio listenership has gone through the roof top right across India?
radio effectiveness in india

India, a country of 1.3 billion people, majority of people rely on print and electronic media for latest happening around the world. But after the rise of COVID-19 pandemic radio has emerged a major helping hand for wide variety of audience.

People are relying more on radio then print media for the latest news. Although it is extremely free for the mankind across the world but there are major issues going on but as far as radio industry is concerned the listenership is gone through the roof top, however the pandemic is leaving a deep impact on radio industry on financial backgrounds but the whole industry have gain lot of business after the lock-down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone feeling anxious regarding global health and where the world is headed in the months to come. At such times, radio has the solemn duty to assuage the paranoia and curb the spread of misinformation about corona virus among unaware gathering.

The Radio Industry through its social messaging is searching for the best ways possible to respond by keeping their listeners fully informative and inciting a feeling of positivity. But with the government requesting organisations to let their workforce operate by sitting safely at home,

Let’s check out how is the industry coping with the change? More importantly, how is it becoming a major source to supply latest updates regarding COVID-19?

India government has imposed a nationwide lock down last week as it desperately battles to contain the spread of corona virus. Film, TV production and print media had already halted on March 19, and the country’s cinemas, which are enormously popular and vital to local communities, are all shuttered. The emergency measures will at least last for 21 days.

The rising terror of Covid-19 pandemic is now shaking the boundaries of whole nation. To cope up with this situation radio industry is offering a major help to government. They are spreading authentic information to all their listeners. As it is crystal clear that radio is the cheapest medium and it is available in every house of India.

So, huge population is now turning their radio devices on for receiving reliable information about COVID-19.And while radio stations and their on-air personalities can provide listeners with information that is accurate and relevant to their markets, advertisers have the opportunity to help Indians cope with an unprecedented time in whole Indian history.

They are also helping listeners to get what they need as they adjust and manage, as 46% say that radio helps them know what stores are open and where to shop locally. So in this time of self-quarantining and isolation, what are consumers planning to do when they step outside?

The radio channel ability to reach out both big urban centres and isolated communities in countries which lack basic communications infrastructure can play an important role in addressing the disease.

“As the world grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, radio has a more important role than ever to keep our audiences well-informed. The Isolation policies, working from home, closures of community meeting places and highly changing circumstances mean listeners and businesses will rely on radio for information, entertainment and to stay in touch with breaking news relevant to their local area,” said by official.

“It is quite predictable that, the full impact of the coronavirus on ad spend and the media and marketing industries is uncertain, but what is perfectly clear is that it’s essential for governments and businesses to keep building a communication bridge with their customers during these challenging times, and radio remains an important and effective channel,” added by official.

It is estimated that government spending has decreased by over 70% in the last year alone. Increasing spends on Radio will majorly help rally the country together to fight this whole pandemic besides giving some immediate relief to the medium.

The main reason in rapid enhancement of listenership is the effective campaigns launched by most of the radio station. One such name is 93.5 RED FM, which has launched an on-air initiative ‘Care Karo Na’ that brings the spotlight on spreading authentic information about Coronavirus health effects.

Amidst an on-going global health crisis, it has become more important to protect and safeguard everybody irrespective of their professions. With a same vision, RED FM is deeply encouraging their listeners to become facilitators of correct information by educating their maids, drivers and everyone who is in direct contact with people to contain the ripple effect of virus.

According to the head of the IRAM survey team the listenership has gone through the roof top for radio stations across India. Especially in major cities and the states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.  IRAM team come up with a conclusion that people are now approaching widely towards radio station to receive authentic news.

So, for the same IRAM supports radio industry professionals to adopt the radio audience measurement to analyse the issues and focus their programming to convert non-listeners into listeners. With IRAM they can easily make out which age, gender and area are listening their shows.

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