About Us

About Us

IRAM (Indian Radio Audience Measurement) was set up in 2016 to align, design and operate a single audience measurement system for the Indian radio industry to measure all licensed commercial radio stations.

The company is chaired by Dr. Avtar Lit the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Radio Group in London, Chairman of ABC radio network of Sri Lanka and Chairman of Top FM in Mauritius.

Whilst the Board's focus is on strategy, governance and decisions of policy, more detailed technical research matters, and where relevant, decision-making, takes place at the meetings of a Technical Management Group (TMG). This group will be made up of representatives of the commercial radio and the advertising community in India.

IRAM's Mission

IRAM is responsible for setting the research specification, the awarding of the research contracts to third-party suppliers, the overall quality control, management, and delivery of the service. The day to day operations are overseen by the operational staff working under the guidance of chief executive.